How to Protect Your Personal Residence from Creditors

In this video, asset protection attorney Jacob Stein discusses 3 options for protecting your personal residence from creditors and plaintiffs. Whether you are being sued, owe money to a lender or have any other legal or financial troubles, your home may be in...

How to Retain Control Over Your Assets in an Irrevocable Trust

n this video, asset protection attorney Jacob Stein discusses how to retain control over your assets in an irrevocable trust. Learn how irrevocable trusts offer great protection from creditor claims and estate taxes, and why they can also give up control of your...

Protecting Assets: LLC vs. Trust

In this video, Jacob Stein provides expert insights into asset protection planning. He compares the use of Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and trusts to safeguard assets from potential claims. Mr. Stein explains how the primary goal of asset protection is to make...

Mastering Estate Planning and Asset Protection

In the video, I explore the symbiotic relationship between estate planning and asset protection planning. You will learn how these two distinct goals can be strategically intertwined. Discover common structures used in estate planning that also serve as powerful tools...

Demystifying Asset Protection Trusts

Learn what makes a good asset protection trust and why irrevocability is paramount. Discover why the trust should benefit a third party and why self-settled trusts may not be your best option.

Understanding the Goal of Asset Protection Planning

In the realm of asset protection planning, understanding the true goal is paramount to crafting an effective strategy. The name itself, "asset protection planning," suggests that the objective is to create impenetrable barriers, rendering assets unreachable by...

The Truth About Hiding Assets for Asset Protection

In this insightful video, Jacob Stein explores the effectiveness of hiding assets from a legal standpoint. Learn how aggressive creditors can be in their pursuit, using tactics like hiring investigators and conducting debtors examinations.

Who Are Trust Protectors and How to Use Them in Irrevocable Trusts

In this video, we explore the concept of Trust Protectors and their pivotal role in irrevocable trusts. Traditionally, an irrevocable trust would entail transferring assets to the trust, relinquishing all control. However, this was unsettling for many clients,...

On-demand Webinar: The 2nd Economic Crime Conference

Missed our webinar: The Second International Economic Crime Conference? Here's your chance to watch on-demand! The Expert Panel looked at the impact of the current Ukraine-Russia war and the development in the sanctions arena, which has impacted many global businesses...


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